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Dear visitors of site,

Registration is possible just after adoption of the official rules.

Please, donít register on this site if you are not 18 years.

Client of this site bears the responsibility for contents of information and for materials which were published by him on this site, also for the safe and for confidential information for userís authorization on this site.

Client is bound not to publish addresses of mail, mail addresses, telephone numbers, links and others contacts.

Client is bound not to publish the insults, unprintable opinions, porno materials and insults of human dignity.

We never give the information to the third persons.

Client bears the responsibility for his communication with another visitors of this site.

You canít use this site for advertisements.

Client is bound nit to betray another visitorís trust and follow them. The administration of site has the right to:

Change the rules.

Modify the site according their discretions.

Change the prices, kinds of services and the dates of operations.

If the rules are not in accordance with our conventions, administration of site has the right to edit and delete materials which were published on this site.

The administration of this site doesnít bear the responsibility for:

Contents, authentic and materials precision, which were published by clients. Reasons damage, loss of information, or another reasons which were appeared during clientís use.

The administration considers any clientís request of money like swindle. And we consider every accident separately. Clients should let us know when notice such a situation. The administration notifies that we have the responsibility to delete any file which we consider like accusation in swindle.

The administration efforts to provide a good site service, but we are not bear the responsibility for full or partial loss of clientís materials, and also for no good quality or speed of our service.

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