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How To Avoid Dating Scam?

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Many people heard sorrowful stories about how firstly a sweet and modest lady asked to send her money for a journey to her beloved man and then she didn't come and more over ……disappeared.
Is the devil as terrible as he is painted?
How can you avoid scamming?

Here are some uncomplicated recommendations:

1) If a woman in the second letter declares her love - it isn't scamming yet, but an alarming signal. Be careful, she can ask money for a ticket to you in her fifth letter.

2) Whatever she asked money from you for (the Internet, correspondence, translations, visa, tickets, etc.) - it is 100 % scamming.

3) Bear in mind the following thing - a single woman can hardly get a visa to the USA, Canada, and Australia. It is almost impossible. So her intention to come in two weeks after receiving money from you is 100% scamming.

4) And the main recommendation: the Internet is only a way to get acquainted, rules working here are the same as in real life. And as well as real life the Internet sometimes makes unpleasant surprises. There isn't point in suspecting every woman of dishonesty. You'd better imagine an actual situation and your behavior in it. For example: you are sitting in a bar. An attractive woman comes up to you and says about her love, and then she asks you to pay for her dinner and drinks… What conclusion will you draw? Is she interested in your personality or your wallet?

Good Luck!

[2007-05-11 14:42:00]
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